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Advanced Heading

What is Cotext

A semantic storage Protocol

Introducing Context: The next-gen protocol for on-chain data management. Dive into its features:

  • Unique Names: No more “JohnDoe123.json”. Give your data a proper identity.
  • Versioning: Track your JSON’s life story, every edit, every change.
  • Semantic Linking: Make your data smart, not just a bunch of 1s and 0s.
Read our Documentation to learn more : https://docs.ctx.xyz

Use Cases

Some of the ideas we’ve had of things we can build on top of Context

1. Decentralized Resume: Tired of updating your LinkedIn? Store your dev journey on-chain with Context. Versioned, verified, and visible forever.

2. Project Documentation: Keep your project docs in one place, with a unique name. No more “final_v2_revised.json”. Just pure, organized clarity.

3. Semantic API Directory: Catalog your APIs with semantic linking. Let other devs discover and understand your tools without sifting through endless docs.

4. Decentralized Code Snippet Library: Save and retrieve your favorite code snippets. Versioned, named, and ready for that next project. No more “Where did I keep that function?” moments.

5. Smart Contract AuditsStore and reference security audits for your smart contracts. Ensure transparency, trust and traceability.

Advanced Heading

What's your Idea?

Hey devs, think you’ve got a groundbreaking idea for Context? Throw it into the ring, let the Reddit community vote, and watch the best concepts rake in some sweet token rewards. Challenge accepted?

How to participate? Post your idea on our community in Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/ContextProtocol/

All participants will be able to claim a name for their document (profile) in Context, get some tokens,  get access to the cli to play with the protocl

And the best Ideas will get Tokens

You can read the conditions on-chain… with Context!

Token Rewards for Top Ideas:

  • 🥇 1st Place: 500 $CTX

  • 🥈 2nd Place: 300 $CTX

  • 🥉 3rd Place: 200 $CTX

Dive into the future of on-chain documentation with Context and let your innovation shine. 

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