Meet the Team

With over 10 years of experience in Blockchain, we offer a winning combination of technical expertise and deep industry knowledge.


Our Mission

To empower individuals and organizations with the necessary tools and infrastructure to unlock the full potential of data, driving innovation, collaboration, and positive impact across all sectors and communities worldwide.

We are a community of passionate humans building a distributed cloud

Recognizing the gap in global, open-source schema repositories, Context was developed to meet the practical needs of developers for accessible, modifiable, and decentralized data storage. Our expertise in standardization bodies has help us designed the platform, focusing on semantic on-chain data aggregation.

Context provides a straightforward, efficient way to store and manage data, offering user control over data sharing and privacy. This platform is built on collaborative and iterative standard development, ensuring data access is secure and transparent. The emphasis on semantic data aggregation within Context allows for more meaningful data interpretation and utilization, addressing a critical need in decentralized data management.

Alex Puig
CEO and Founder
Sergi Fernàndez
CTO and Co-Founder
Jordi Dominguez
CFO and Operations
Maria Marin
Talent Manager
Daniel Cabrera
Teach Lead and DevRel