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On-Chain Documents with Context

Context Protocol is a Semantic Data Storage Protocol, essentially serving as the blockchain equivalent of the semantic web. It allows users to manage on-chain documents with versioning and a Unique Name. 

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Unlocking the Power of data Interoperability and Portability

Context is the solution for developers who need to work with data from different sources. Our semantic data storage protocol provides a common language for data that is easily understood and used across all applications. Using our Name Registry and Schemas, we create a collaborative and decentralized environment that improves the quality and efficiency of your projects. By leveraging our standardized data, you will be able to seamlessly integrate information from various sources and build more innovative and impactful projects.

Don't let siloed data hold you back. Join Context and unlock the power of interoperability and portability.


Bringing better
data for builders.

Context is a registry of public data linked to collaborative schema repositories. Builders can easily access and evolve existing standards, adding fields and improving taxonomy as needed.


Schemas define and maintain the standards used to represent data in Context. SmartDocuments follow these schemas, which can be customized by the owner to fit their specific needs. The goal is to ensure that all public data stored on the platform is easily understandable and usable across all applications.

Document Versioning

On-Chain documents in Context can evolve and create a history with all the changes made to the Document. We provide with traceability and Provenance.

Registry - The Universal Name Service

The link between the data, the standard and web3, is the Universal Name Service. A Registry where schemas and smartdocs are referenced.


A new layer for Web3 Data Storage ​

How to use Context and explore all functionalities

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Mezze is a decentralized networking tool for events, built on Telegram. It uses Context, an open-source, decentralized repository, to securely and transparently store public data. This allows users to access and share data in an efficient, decentralized manner.

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Our decentralized networking tool makes it easy for attendees to connect, share information, and follow-up after the event. Contact us to learn more about how MEZZE can boost your next event.


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