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Data Engine

Store, structure and verify all your data on top of Web3 storage with our innovative Data Engine

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Revolutionizing your data

Store your data on-chain in a structured way to ensure it’s intelligently organized, utilized, and understood by everyone. Safeguard your brand from misinformation, fakes, and lost data. Enjoy a web2 experience while benefiting from verified data traceability powered by blockchain technology.


How will Context unlock your data potential?


Create your Documents for well-organized storage and easy access using our decentralized naming system.


Use & Create industry-standard Templates to structure and organize your data, ensuring consistency and compatibility.


Get information accuracy verification through our semantic layer, ensuring trust and reliability.


Have a track record of data transitions over time, in a permanent and transparent way.

Brand Control

Your brand information updates automatically, ensuring accurate data delivery.

AI Integration

Integrate with AI systems to train language models using structured and verified data.


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Ready, Set, Dev!

Dive into creation with our comprehensive SDK, designed to seamlessly integrate with our protocol. We empower developers to innovate, providing the tools you need to build groundbreaking applications on top of our platform. Join our community of builders and start shaping the future today.


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