July 10, 2024

The Context Airdrop is Here! How to Participate?

The Context Airdrop is Here! How to Participate?

We’re happy to announce the launch of the Context Protocol token, $TEX, which is now ready for our entire community. But that's not all – we have even bigger news! We are excited to introduce the $TEX Airdrop, and the best part? EVERYONE is eligible!

Read on to discover how you can dive into the $TEX pool and join this exciting journey with us.


1. How many $TEX tokens are available for the airdrop?

There will be 2M $TEXs tokens up for grabs.

2. How to participate?

Join the Context Community and earn leaderboard points by completing quests such as following us on Twitter, joining our Telegram, or daily likes and messages. Additionally, engage with the Protocol by creating an account or drafting documents to get more points.

3. How do I earn points?

The rules are straightforward, and there are several ways to rank up your points:

  1. Follow Context Protocol on Twitter and engage with our content daily.
  2. Join our Telegram group and participate in discussions.
  3. Like and share our posts across social media platforms.
  4. Create an account and draft documents within Context Protocol.
  5. Invite friends to join the community and earn points when they join, plus 10% of their earnings FOREVER. So make sure you grow out your Context family tree!

The $TEX tokens are ready! Will you be among the lucky recipients?

The $TEX token is set to launch on Polkastarter in Q4 2024, making it accessible for everyone to purchase. More details to be announced soon!

The $TEX token will have extensive utility across our entire protocol, enabling various interactions. It will play a crucial role as a transactional one-time fee for permanent data storage.

It has been made official that some $TEX token supply is given away to the Context Community as a gamified Airdrop.

This Airdrop campaign is open to everyone on the Context Community page. Join us and be a part of this exciting opportunity!

How to get the $TEX Airdrop?

Participating in the $TEX is simple. All you need to do is join to the Context Community page,  connect your wallet and start collecting Airdrop Points.

Ways to earn points:

  1. Daily Engagement:
    • Follow Context Protocol on Twitter.
    • Like, share, and comment on our posts daily.
    • Join our Telegram group and participate in the conversations.
  2. Protocol Interaction:
    • Create an account on the Context Protocol platform.
    • Claim your domain and create your first Document.
    • As much as you build within the Protocol, the more points you’ll get.
  3. Invite Friends:
    • Invite your friends to join the Context Community and watch your leaderboard position grow as they interact with the Community.
    • Earn 75 points per friend you invite.
    • Earn an additional 10% of the points your friends earn.

Claiming Your $TEX Airdrop

More information about claiming the $TEX Airdrop will be released after TGE in Q4 2024, with only 3-months vesting. Until then, make sure to accumulate your points and stay ahead in the race for more $TEX tokens.

Do you still have questions?

Join the Context Protocol communities, where our moderators will help you get all the answers you need. Happy earning!

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