May 23, 2024

Start Building with our Beta: A Step-by-Step Guide

Start Building with our Beta: A Step-by-Step Guide

We’re excited to announce the launch of the Context Web App!  🚀

After months of hard work, we’ve released a Beta version that is available for free. Everything you create under the Beta will be retained and can be migrated when we launch the final version. This Beta includes key features like a document explorer, templates, and assets management (images, PDFs), and allows you to create your account to access your temporary domain.

Learn all you need to start building with our Step-by-Step guide.

What is the Context App?

The Context Beta is a limited version designed to let you explore our core functionalities:

  • Document Explorer: Browse all the documents created within Context.
  • Templates: Use predefined templates to create documents easily.
  • Assets: Manage your images and files efficiently.
  • User Dashboard: Create your account to access your temporary domain and personal dashboard.

To unlock all these features, you just need to register.

Start Exploring our Beta Potential

A user on Context has a domain (or several domains), and within these domains, you can create as many documents as you want. By creating an account, your domain will be generated automatically following the onboarding process.

The Context Web App allows you to create simple documents for testing, but to get the most out of Context, you should use our SDK. The SDK enables you to start building on top of web3 storage with the ease of a web2 experience, allowing for groundbreaking projects such as dynamic NFTs, a decentralized Crunchbase, simple Frames for Farcaster, and many others.

Get Your First Domain

To use Context, you always need a domain. This domain acts as your namespace within Context, where all your documents will be stored. During the Beta version, a random domain will be created based on your email (it will start with ctx_). This domain is not verified, but once we launch the mainnet, you will be able to modify and verify your domain, both for individuals and for companies.

Three Steps to Get Your Domain
  1. Register on Context with Google, GitHub, or Email via this link
  2. Follow the onboarding process to get your domain. It only takes a few minutes.
  3. Done! You can now start using the Web App or the SDK 👏🏻

Create Your First Document

For Developers

If you are a developer, please use the SDK to upload and edit documents and assets for the full experience. Learn more about how to use our SDK here: Developer Docs

For Non-Technical Users

If you don't have technical knowledge but want to try the Context Beta, follow these easy steps to use the Web App:

  1. Create New Document: Inside your user dashboard, go to the documents section and click "Create New Document."
  2. Select a Template: Choose from options like e.g., organization (if you want to store your company info) or human (if you want to store some personal data).
  3. Name the File: Assign a name or a path, similar to saving a file on your computer.
  4. Fill in Fields: Complete the fields defined in the template you choose.

Wait a few seconds as the document is created on-chain and…Voilà! The document will appear both in your dashboard and Context public explorer.

Share Your Data

Share your data using a Context public gateway (RPC). You’ll find the link by clicking "View" inside the document. For example, here you can see the data for Context:

Stay Updated

This is just the beginning of the endless possibilities offered by Context. We’re continuously developing new features for the web app, such as document editing and the ability to create additional domains. Stay tuned for upcoming key features that we’re about to launch.

If you’re an individual, the sooner you create your first domain, the sooner you will have the opportunity to verify it once the mainnet is live. Claim your domain today!

If you’re a company and want a verified and customized domain, please contact us at:

Join our community of builders and start shaping the future today: