July 3, 2024

Broadcast Trusted Updates to Telegram Groups with Context's Easy Document Management

Broadcast Trusted Updates to Telegram Groups with Context's Easy Document Management

Context is revolutionizing the way you share verified information. With its intuitive platform, you can send trusted updates to multiple Telegram groups simultaneously by managing a single document.

How Context works?

Context is organized around verified domains and documents under those domains. Each document adheres to a specific data template, ensuring consistency and reliability. For instance, the core/updates template is used to create a document with a structured list of updates for an organization. This can include the latest news, funding updates, conference announcements, and more.

What Does the Bot Do?

Our Telegram bot allows you to:

  • Subscribe to updates from Context documents with the core/updates data template.
  • Receive notifications in your Telegram group whenever there is a new update.
  • Easily manage your subscriptions.
  • And if you are the owner of a verfied domain, send new updates

How to Use the Bot

Step 1 - Get Access

Join our Telegram Group and ask the team to verify your domain and get access to the platform.

Step 2 - Install the Bot

Telegram : @ContextUpdateBot

Step 3 - Subscribe to a Document

Follow us : in the bot execute /subscribe contextprotocol/updates

Follo you : execute the command /subscribe <yourdomain>/updates with the domain we will give to you once verified

Step 4 - Write an update

In the bot execute /setup and use the API KEY that we will provide.

Now execute the command /update and just follow instructions

Example Use Case

  • Fundraising Updates: Whether you're managing a startup or a nonprofit organization, keeping investors and stakeholders informed about funding rounds and milestones is crucial. With Context, you can create a centralized document using the core/updates template to share funding updates across multiple Telegram groups simultaneously. This ensures that all relevant parties receive timely and consistent information, enhancing transparency and investor relations.
  • Partnership Announcements: When forging partnerships with other businesses or organizations, it's essential to communicate updates efficiently. Context allows you to maintain a single document for partnership announcements, such as collaborations, joint ventures, or strategic alliances. By using the Context Bot on Telegram, you can ensure that partners and stakeholders are promptly notified of any developments, fostering strong relationships and collaboration.
  • Event Management: Managing events involves coordinating with various stakeholders, including speakers, sponsors, and attendees. Context simplifies event updates by enabling organizers to maintain a document with real-time updates on schedules, agenda changes, and last-minute announcements. Subscribing Telegram groups to this document ensures that everyone involved stays informed, minimizing confusion and enhancing event coordination.
  • Product Launches: Launching a new product or service requires effective communication to generate excitement and engage your audience. Context allows you to create a dedicated document for product updates, including launch dates, features, and customer feedback. By subscribing relevant Telegram groups, you can ensure that your updates reach targeted audiences, driving awareness and adoption of your new offerings.
  • Policy and Regulatory Updates: Businesses operating in regulated industries need to stay compliant with evolving policies and regulations. Context provides a reliable platform to manage updates related to legal changes, compliance requirements, and industry standards. By centralizing regulatory updates in a document and broadcasting them via Telegram, organizations can ensure that all stakeholders are informed promptly, mitigating risks and maintaining compliance.