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On-Chain Semantic Documents

Manage on-chain documents with unique naming and versioning for your data.

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What is Context?

Context Protocol is a semantic on-chain data aggregator that redefines the way we interact with and manage data in the decentralized digital landscape. Context Protocol bridges the gap between decentralized storage solutions and semantic understanding, providing a framework where data is not just stored, but also intelligently understood and utilized.

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Why Context?

Through Context Protocol, data is stored within smart documents tied to schemas like “human,” “Organization,” or “NFT,” registered in our Semantic Name Service on PolygonID. Each identifier corresponds to an on-chain “document,” offering diverse functionality based on schemas, along with versioning for traceable data evolution.

Semantic Name Service

Our Semantic Naming Service (SNS) is the foundation of Context, hosted on Polygon. It provides a decentralized naming system that allows users to assign unique names to SmartDocs, improving references and queries.

Historical Data

Context takes a new approach to data versioning, in which each update creates a new version of the data, documenting the evolutionary path of the data in a clear and transparent manner. This approach to traceability, unlike traditional versioning methods, presents an accountable record of data transitions over time.

Portability & Interoperability

Context ensures data portability through a universal data language, enabling easy integration across systems. Interoperability is achieved with standardized data structures, fostering collaboration and innovation across platforms and applications.


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Mezze is a decentralized networking tool for events, built on Telegram. It uses Context, an open-source, decentralized repository, to securely and transparently store public data. This allows users to access and share data in an efficient, decentralized manner.

You can costumize MEZZE for:

Our decentralized networking tool makes it easy for attendees to connect, share information, and follow-up after the event. Contact us to learn more about how MEZZE can boost your next event.


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